Last week I decided I wanted to benefit from the last sunny day here in the Netherlands, before it would start raining pitchforks and hammer handles for two weeks. In this part of the world it is crucial to keep a close eye on the weather forecasts when shooting on location.

Over the years I have learned that I work well under pressure with last minute planning and managing. Here we are, a couple of days later, golden hour and a perfectly aligning vision amongst team members.

I have been sitting on this concept for a while but up until last week I had not found the right model. One thing that is extremely important in this industry is to work with the right individuals and to know when to work with those particular individuals. As a photographer you are, in most cases, the director of the shoot. You ought to be decisive and ingenious when it comes to casting and leading the team. I have never been fond of hierarchical structures when it comes to my work environment, hence it is important for me to find sensible people who understand my workflow but also know I am always up for a good laugh. 

Every so often, like with this shoot, I decide to take various matters into my own hands. This is because I had a certain image in mind and frankly did not even have the time to find the right wardrobe stylist. I went on a shopping spree, brought my steamer and clothing covers and off we went. For portfolio shoots I always ask the model to also bring some clothes and shoes of her own, just in case.

I have a tendency of forgetting to ask my assistants to record behind the scenes footage of the shoot. Fortunately this time Evelien Laura Popelier (@evelienlaura) came along to help me out and create a video.

A big thumbs up to the team for making this possible! Watch the footage below to see how we created this.

Model: Yasmina with Elite Models Amsterdam, make-up and hair by Wouter van Schaaijk with Joyce Walian Agency, assistant Evelien Laura Popelier, music by ReauBeau.